Friday, June 10, 2005

finge broshure


Toddy i have bean looking over the new edinbugger fringe broshure that it come out yesterday at the launch (lick a spaceship)
It is quite good but i am not in it again this yeer butt perhaps i will make a appeerance in twinkys underbelly and tell some of my stories. i have aslo ritten some fook tales from my homeland about how the spidders came to be, and how the whale came and what the tigerr did with his stripps. my friend glen says i am copying Rude yard Kipling (lick the cakes?) but i have not writed about caks at all, even fondance fancies and caramel squares.
howevver, i digress,
other things i am working on at the momont is a illistrated book for kidds lick rhold dahl.

i must go now as i have to mack the dinner for Ruman and Glenn as they are coming to my howse to eat the food i will mack for them.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

hot dayy

it as hot today, i huve put on my bathing soot and put up my dekking chairs. it is to heat even to play the giant ches with glenn in the park, so i have bean redding more about the animuls and supping on the straws in my caco cola drink. a doggie felled over in the street nearmy house becuase he it was to hot and hes tung was hanging out over his lipps. so i went into the kichin and got some milkk from the frige and it pours into the bowls, so i could give it to the doggie so he feel better. the doggie he lapp it up the milk and went on his way, i huv decided to be not a zoo but a vet as the animuls need doctors to lick peoples. im going to huv a bbq with glenn tonighty, with the sausagg and bakon and buggers.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i lick the animuls

helo again, todday i have bean reading a book about animuls lick the spidder, the wail, the pee cock, the monky and the scoripion. i lick all animuls and have based alot of my works on them, so i enjoy lerning more about them. if i had gone to skool when i was yung i could have got A levells and gone to the universe and lerned a degree about the zoo. but i did not have the skool because my village was too narrow.
herr is a fact about the dollfin- "he is the only animul hoo loves man for his own sake" this is a cwote from the book i have bean reading and i think it is very intresting. i only love men for my own sake to,lick glenn, i love himm for my own sack aswell. we had a luvvly time playing giant chess in the park, i lick to laff at him when he trys to pick up the giant prawn and chess mate mee.
nixt week i think we will play giant draughts at another park, this is becose glenn is gettin too good at giant chess and i want to beet him at the games, not him to beet me. maybe draughts it is to hard for glenn to pick up and i will winn.i hape so. i do not lick to loose.
i am going to reed my book agin now and lern more about the amilals.maybe on day i will be abel to see a gyraffe and no what he eets.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

wear ive bean

ive bean away for a lang tim, i gess you wood lick to know wear. i bean travelling rund scatland loking for insperation for my new play i am riting. it isnt finushed but i know their will be dragons and spidders.
on my travles i have seen many things that have mad me sad, but aslo happie, that is the wae of the world. a sad thing i sawed was a pidgon with no feet, just nobbles. hee walked lick he was wearing hi heels lick a laddy. this mad me a bit sad but then, later that weak i saw a gebril slepping in a ball in sawdust wit his gebril frinds and he was brething in and out and looked happy and it mad me realise that life is lick a circle.

i am listning to mr jeremy vine, he is talking about chewing gum and yuck spitty peoples hoo put it out of theyre mouths and on the pavment. i do nut lick the chewing gum on the pavement, it stikks to my sandals who are mad of wicker and let in the rain and road yuck.

the goud news is that the doctor says my hert is much better now as the brisk scittish air help me and breathing is much mor easy witch i lick a lot as i can play the squash game with my fiend Glenn hoo i met in edinbugger.The ball in the squash is very smal and got in glenns eye. he is okauy now though as the nurse took it out and his eye was still round and working.

i hav to go now, me and glenn are going to play giant chess at the park. the pieses are as big as glenn and though hee is small for a man he is tall for a chess piese. chess is a good gam, very much so in the park with the birds and doggies.


Monday, December 13, 2004

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The news of the day

Here are Blaized Headlines of the day

I writted a song and has given it to asley and he lick it and going to make a tune for it.

Joe Paskwally has his face on a bit of toast out of the toaster and i am going to make a bid for it on ebay. i is also checking my food in case of paul burrelll turnin gup because i would not lick to eat him by accident.

I had a letter from the grumbleweeds and they say theu put my post on their wesbite forman and i had a look and it was true my name is there. i lick them.

i think david blunket should get the sack because how can he do his job when he is blind and cannot see anything? How he know what is going on?

i listen to a man on the radio this morning and i spotted that he was irish and i pleased because now i know about accents and i can tell if a person from england or from irish but i can not tell the diferences between rich and poor just through the voice but i can usually tell by the sight anyway. the man on the radio was called dillan moron he was talking to a lady about how she fly in a fast aeroplane. and about some black books that he had seen.

what else has happen? Jeremy vine show was very funny again and there a very good debate.
The problem is that even though i have had my flu jab it still let me catch a cold and i have got a cold and my joints are aching i feel a bit old today.

tonight i am meeting Sheila and i going to a surprise cabareh show and i will tell you about it tomorrow when i have woken up and had my break fast of fish.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

I writing a album

Hello everyone today i am very exciting because an offer has been offered to me from asley who want to writ an album with me and i have said yes to this. I shall writ the songs and asley is going to writ the tune and then sing the songs and we think they maybe a story about some robots or monkeys or maybe the government. or maybe it about twins join at the head. Whatever it may be it will be very good and I hop that we have a large host of actoresses that can sing and be on the album and that we can preform it in twinkys belly.
As soon as the idea is a full idea we shall share the details of the album with fiends.


Me and a Monkey

I just been listens to the radio and I here a song played by Ken Broose and it by Robbie Walliams and it called "Me and A Monkey" and it all about His fiendship with a monkey and in it the monkey and robbie got to Las Vegas and they go to a hotal and they got a gun and then the monkey go bad and then the monkey goes and makes some monkey lady fiends and the monkey get in trouble with a mexican man - i think it because he winned at the craps or jumped on his sombrero or something - and then the song ends and the monkey has a mexican stand off with the mexican and robbie and Robbie say he can't remember how he ended up with a monkey as a fiend in the frist place. It a very good song. I lick it best because it has a story. And a monkey. I think I may be come a song writer now insteed of a playwright as it seems a good way to tell a story and then I can send my songs to Robbie and Morrissey and my favourit Tommy Steele and I might here them on the radio sung by a profeshional! I would lick that very much!